Felucca Tour in Aswan and Kom ombo

At the meantime, sailing the river on a felucca, we explore rural modern Egypt & pharaonic ancient Egypt.
A journey within the past & the present. From Aswan to Kom Ombo, gods are with us in our walks or on the Felucca, Sobek,the god crocodile & Horus the falcon are sleeping in Kom Ombo temple but they watch at our felucca.


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Day 1: Aswan - Felucca Tour

Start 9.30 am set sail. A stop at Nile police station to make sure all documents is in order and boat safety is adhered to. Sailing until lunch, stop at a local village for a stroll then feast on a lunch of Foul, falafel, feta, salad, babaganoush, and fresh fruit. maybe a walk in the village, then it’s off sailing until ½ before sunset. Then set up camp, build a campfire, dig a hole & set up your toilet tent, then protect yourself from any mozzies by putting up the boat size mosquito net. A yummy dinner of mixed veges, soup, rice, fresh salad & fruit. Party on the banks of the Nile or relax by your campfire, try shesha, and join in a sing along. The rhythms of your captain drums are so enchanting that you can help but dance.

Day 2: Kom Ombo - Aswan

Morning: 7 am, Breakfast on Pancakes, with jam or honey, bananas or cheese & eggs as you float with the currents drink your tea or coffee as you sail to Kom Ombo, stay a while and get back to Aswan


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