Egypt Tour Package

Name: larry leones

Nationality : UK

((My wife and I traveled to Egypt with All Tours Egypt in May. It was a 10 day trip including 4 days of cruising on the Nile and Hurghada on the Red sea.

The whole Egyptian experience was fantastic. I was absolutely gob-smacked with the pyramids and all the temples especially Abu Simbel and Karnak. The Nile cruise was fabulous and the food was to die for :) . we had the best time, saw everything and made friends that I hope we keep forever. I am 56 and everyone looked out for me especially the tour guide. 

So, don't ever think you are too old for one of these trips as I'll never forget how great it was. 

I can not speak highly enough of the service that I received from All Tours Egypt. The Team in customer service walked me through the whole process, answering questions, explaining options and offering suggestions. They were patient, friendly and knowledgeable. 

They did everything from Hotel and connections to seating arrangements - wonderful. Once we were done, They even went through the whole arrangement again to verify and to put me at ease. To save money, we had three flights to get to Cairo. All Tours Egypt made one minor change after the package was booked. They sent three e-mails and the airline representative also reminded me of the change. 

I could not have ask for better service - Thank you, we had a an outstanding vacation and All Tours Egypt took the stress out of the equation. 

Finally, be careful not to drink the water in Egypt OR use it in any way, e.g., brushing your teeth. Don't even eat washed veggies or fruit. All but two people on our trip ended up with a touch of King Tut's revenge. 

Bottled water is the only way to go. Enjoy your trip tp Egypt ! I absolutely enjoyed mine!

Thank you All Tours Egypt.))